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Jazz Band

The Boca High Band marching season was busy, long, and succesful. Besides playing at Bobcat football games, they participated in many events this year, some of which are listed here.

Boca Raton High competed at AP Leto high school's Contest on November 6th. They received 1st in class and 2nd overall! They got best in class in Music, General Effect, Percussion, Auxiliary, and Drum Major. For more info about this contest, along with any other FMBC regional, go here.

The Santaluces Contest was held on November 13th. The Pride of the Gold Coast did GREAT! They received superiors in ALL captions and best in class in General Effect, Marching & Manuvering, Auxiliary, and Drum Major. They, again, placed 1st in class, and 4th overall.

On November 20th the Florida Marching Band Coalition (FMBC) State Championship was held in Orlando at Cypress Creek high school. Boca Raton High School placed best in class for Auxiliary. That's BEST IN THE STATE for Auxiliary in their class! The band placed 4th in their class, and barely missed making finals as they were 16th overall out of 37 bands competed (14 bands went to finals). See the official FMBC web site for more details, located

On November 26th, Boca Raton's Tree Lighting Ceremony took place, held at City Hall. This was the 1st joint concert of hopefully many, as Pride of the Gold Coast Alumni participated along with the current members of the Boca Raton high school band. The alumni who participated were: Dave Bayardelle on Trombone ('91), Greg Kuzma on French Horn ('93), Tony Reimann on Flute ('97), Jordan Gruich on Percussion ('98) and Willie Volkert on Trombone ('98). Thank you alumni, we hope to see more of you participating as the years progress. *smile*

From November 22nd to December 24th, the Band members, Band member's families, and former alumni were all wrapping presents at Town Centre Mall. The Gift Wrap Booth is a major fundraiser for the Band, and it receives a lot of community attention. People who are either too busy or too lazy *j/k!!**** to wrap presents all frequent the mall for low prices on having their packages expertly wrapped. People at the booth have learned to wrap presents to the customer's approval, be it perfect or messy. But, anyway, so the Gift Wrap booth was a major success, even though I have not heard how much money was raised, I'll be certain to let you know when I receive that information.

Also, talking about fundraisers, on October 2nd, there was Boca High's MAJOR fundraiser, Cavalcade. The profits for that have gone towards the Band trailer, pictured below.

December 8th was the Boca Raton Holiday Parade. It was held at 7pm, in downtown Boca on Federal Highway from Camino Real to end end of beautiful Mizner Park. The band was festive as always, and did a GREAT job!! Also, the band participated in the Lantana Holiday Parade on December 13th.